Sunday, October 14, 2012

One More Flight

I cant believe its been almost a year since I last posted a blog. It's been far too long!Even more so there have been so many worthy topics, life events and changes.

And even over the past few weeks I've felt so compelled to contribute a few words on some subjects (like the overweight anchor who struck back against a critical viewer -don't even get me started on the emails I receive from viewers sometimes) that I almost posted...almost.

But now sitting on one more plane, thousands of feet above Texas, this time headed to visit my family in Atlanta, I feel like there really is no time like the present to write...especially with my head spinning and screaming for release.

This is my third trip to Atlanta this year to see my family. I've taken three trips to California to compete in races: one in San Diego, one in Orange County and one in Malibu. I flew to Dallas to pick up my car at the end of July. I travel to Austin quite frequently to hang out with friends and just have a change of scenery.

I love to travel. I love to fly. I love the amazing circle of people in my life and I love to visit friends that live all over the nation. And having been a journalist for well over a decade I literally have friends/former co-workers/colleagues all over the world. Many of which I am blessed to see and visit when I can.

But travel and vacations are relatively new to me. Up until last year I was so focused on my career that I didn't take time off for fun. I would take the obligatory time off during the holidays (Christmas) to see my family but that was about it.

I was so busy trying to eek my way in life that I wasn't living. I would move to a city, work for a few years and when my contract was done so was I. I was off and on to another place and town. I never established roots, relationships were always temporary and "just for fun," never long term because I could leave at any time.

Then I moved to San Antonio. I've been in the Alamo City seven whole years. That is the longest time this nomadic girl has been in one place in well over a decade. Since being here I've bought and sold a home, bought and sold several cars, bought two Harley's and dated all types.

I've dated professional athletes, musicians, businessmen, regular joes, doctors, lawyers, a construction worker, high brau, low brau, men of all different shapes, sizes, heights, ethnicities and still not met my prince.

I say this again as I'm on a plane reeling from the flurry of angry, bitter, jealous and just plane mean text messages I received from the latest frog that never materialized into a prince.

A highlight towards the end of a long tirade of character assassinations: "It scares me that you haven't been in a long term relationship. Is it them or you? How many bad guys can someone really meet."

My immediate thought...well I met you! But instead I took the high road suggesting we not be hurtful and hateful and just admit we're not a match for each other and move on. I don't need to fight with or play with mean people anymore. It's wasted energy.

But really my history runs anywhere from several weeks to about two years (the average contract length for a TV job) and I'm realizing that these days I am unwilling to stay in relationships that don't work. If we're not compatible at six weeks. We probably aren't going to be compatible at five years. So why would I waste my time in a LTR? To prove I know how to be miserable?

Also it's not easy dating on my schedule. It gets old having the girlfriend who goes to bed at 7 p.m. Dating during the week is tricky. Who's up for the Luby's early bird special? Weekends are full of races, travel, emceed events and the like. But there are perks. I get invited to a lot of fun functions, movie openings, concerts and galas. Something the last frog didn't like nor appreciate (bitter party of 1).

So I've decided I'm now taking auditions for the part of boyfriend. Qualifications: single (separated, unhappily married, in the process of getting divorced need not apply) athletic or works out, tall, educated, financially self sufficient, has a job, not allergic to cats, kind to animals, likes to dance (country, salsa, club), surprises me with flowers regularly, doesn't mind the fact that I go to bed early during the week, no visible tattoos/piercings, non-smoker, non-drug user, motorcycle enthusiast a plus, good table manners, be creative about dates (I don't do dinner and a movie- I'm a zip lining kind of girl), someone who likes to laugh, travel and see where the wind takes them. Oh...also opening doors is a courtesy I return.

Alas I kid about the audition. But as I sit on a plane, sipping my Starbucks, headed for one more race and one more adventure, I still have hope that one day I will find my frog that will magically materialize into Prince Charming.

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