Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I've been schooled three times this week on two different topics - 1) not updating my blog and 2) texting/tweeting while driving. Doh!! So I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. The first gentle reminder came from my friend Carlos who so nicely put it "A blog very quickly turns into a very demanding mistress."

Tell me about it. This blog woman is demanding. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my daily life, twitter, Zumba classes, dates, outings and the like. And most of the time I just come home exhausted and collapse into bed without ever giving my little Mac a second look. Granted this blog woman does have a right to complain, she is quite neglected so I am making a commitment to her again. A renewal of my vows so to speak to spend some of my valuable down time typing away at the keyboard and sharing a bit of my crazy little world with the interweb. The funny thing is, as anyone who knows me knows (why do I always say that?) I'm not that great at commitment as evidence to the fact that most of my relationships don't last longer than 18 months. However here's to you "The Güera" may we be a match made online.

As for lesson numero dos - tweeting while driving. You know I never used to be a big texter while driving. I used to be pretty adamant against it. In fact I used to get into fights with people about why didn't I text back right away. Granted I was on a motorcycle at the time but still I wasn't too keene on the idea because I saw how many people were swerving all over the road. Then came twitter. Oh twitter how I love thee. Now I'm addicted to twitter and I find myself tweeting all the time while I'm out and about - especially when I'm behind the wheel.

So here's the do I break my new habit. My crackberry has twitterberry on it and I find myself constantly checking my friends updates. If not that, I'm checking emails. I'm not willing to give up my Crackberry but even on my drive home from New Braunfels today it was hard to just put my phone down and not check status updates and that was just a 35 minute drive. Man what did we do before cell phones and twitter? But as I said I was schooled by not one but two people about my driving and tweeting. And although I've never been in an accident or curbed it (run into a curb because I wasn't looking where I was going because I was too busy tweeting/texting) I keep thinking of this story from the News 4 WOAI Troubleshooters.

I think I'll just put my phone down now and concentrate on the road and think up some good blog topics while I drive

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  1. How about? "...outings and the like.Most of the time..."