Sunday, August 9, 2009

A note to the Roaches

So my cat George totally redeemed himself/herself this weekend and earned his/her overpriced kitty food.

After spending Thursday night in a cleaning fit sucking up all the little cat/dog hair balls that were floating around my hardwood floors I found several uninvited guests hiding out underneath the furniture. Fortunately they were DEAD guests. I could tell by the flipped over, on the back, legs to the sky position they had taken up. So I did what any normal girl would do...I sucked them up with the attachment wand on the vacuum.

I thought I had gotten all the little buggers - 3 1/2 in total - one was only in partial pieces under the litter box. Where the rest of him went I have no idea but I don't care. I was happy, the floors were clean, the roaches were gone and ahhhhhhh I could breathe normally again. But then Saturday night rolled around.

I was sitting on the couch watching Divine Design on HGTV waiting for Diana to show up before we hit up the Bonham and heard a noise in the kitchen. George was chasing something!! I flipped on the lights and to my surprise not only had he cornered a roach but he had injured it! My seemingly lazy cat had actually done his job and captured an intruder! Good kitty - a greeny treat for you!

As I stared at the prisoner, watching him ooze some gooey black substance, his antenna twitched. He knew he was caught and the end was near. With one swift motion, never taking my eyes off of him, I crushed him with my flip flop.

Ahhhh the sweet smell of victory. I hope his friends were watching. Let all roaches who even think of entering my home know to trespass here is a death sentence. For I am friends with powerful people - specifically Sir Ricardo the Exterminator and King George the Enforcer.

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