Friday, August 28, 2009

Patiently Waiting

So I put an offer in on a house almost a month ago and I've been waiting patiently to hear back. The "I want to buy your home are you going to sell it?" situation is complicated. So I've been patient and holding off on a blog post hoping to write good news like...It's mine!! Its all mine!! But alas no...the waiting continues.

Have you ever heard the joke "How do you make God laugh? You tell him your plans!" Yeah God is laughing at me and I am patiently waiting for answers. Fortunatly, I'm willing to wait and also willing to adjust my plan because it may just not include the very house I've put on my very short list

*heavy sigh*

Ahhhh....Reality. Its not always fun and it doesn't always feel fair but I've found that God usually has a better idea of the bigger picture than I do, so its best to just have a little faith that things will all work out for the best without my meddling and manipulating.

Don't get me wrong - its not that I don't want to jump in there and make that house my own and make things happen. Trust me - I do! However, its been my experience that when I get involved and "force" a situation to "go my way" it doesn't stay in my favor for long.

Call it karma, call it murphys law, call it self will, call it my own bad luck, call it whatever you want. I just know that this kind of "negotiation" is best left to professionals and God gets to decide the outcome - in his time - not mine. And I'm sure along the way I'll learn some valuable lesson, build some character, yada, yada, the process...waiting sucks. The good news however, is that I am a very patient woman ;)

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  1. Natalie you are a very smart and patient person. Wow I hope one day I meet someone like you.