Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Bed - Its done!

Joe is a miracle worker. Although I have to admit that two weekends ago when when the bed came home and it didn't fit my box spring and mattress I was a little skeptical about how the project was going to turn out. He let me know that the bed project was going to be on hold until after the 4th of July because he was having a party so I kind of just put it out of my mind and figured we'd work on it this weekend. So imagine my surprise when I called Joe Friday night and he told me the bed was DONE!!

What??? No more painting? No more sanding? Just be home for delivery?! OK you twisted my arm ;) So just after 1 this afternoon Joe brought my new and improved bed frame home! After putting it together joe explains how he fixed our previous "mis-calculations"

So here's the moment of truth...does it fit??

YES!!! Whoo Hoo!! I finally have a bed fit for a queen ;)

All I can say is just wow. I am so impressed with Joe and his amazing skills as a master craftsman and wood worker. I am so grateful that I have people like him in my life who are willing to help me, ok in his case, do for me what I can't do for myself.

Now I'm going to take a nap in my new bed ;)

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