Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodbye to the Golden State??

Ok I'm sitting here in a total state of shock. I've tried calling all my friends and no one is answering...punks (and thats the nice word for it) So this is my only outlet for my total mind blowing breaking news flash: My family is moving from Southern California to North Carolina by the end of summer...probably. WTF!!!!

I just got the 411 from my little brother Daniel, who's not so little, he's 18, but he's still my little brother and that's not the point. The point is my family IS MOVING FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TO NORTH CAROLINA IN A MONTH AND A HALF!!!!

OK breathe in....out....in...out. I can't even get them to visit me in Texas and I've been here for almost four years, which I might add they promised to do this summer. And instead they visit my aunt and uncle for a few days in North Carolina because they're close by on a trip to D.C. and decide to move there??? HELLO!!! What is going on? Has hell frozen over? Please tell me because the last time I checked it was 100+ here in San Antonio. Or has the world ended and I've finally ended up where I always feared I would?

Ok so maybe I'm over reacting a bit but I'm hurt. Apparently I'm the last to know. Apparently not only are my mom, my step dad and my two little brothers (13 & 18) going to be tarheels but they've also recruited my Aunt Sheri too.

My question is...why not Texas? After all San Antonio was named one of Forbes top ten most recession proof cities. Its also has one of the best housing markets and aside from the current heat wave, it has gorgeous weather.

I have been trying to get my parents to move here, hell just consider the idea of relocating here, since I moved here in December of 2005. I can't believe they would just make the decision to sell their SoCal home and move to North Carolina without even giving San Antonio a glance. In fact I'm downright insulted.

But aside from my anger I'm also sad. The thoughts of no more Christmas' in California by the beach, no more ocean breeze, no more waking up in my own bed in my own room in my parents house, no more sitting on "our" patio with my brother having long talks, no more birthdays in that kitchen, no more drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper in my chair, the memories we shared in that house...no more. I can't believe it could really be happening...in just a few months.


  1. ...the saddest part is they'd probably love it here.

    Don't focus so much on the house and location itself, the old saying is still as true today as it has ever been: "home" is where the heart (and your family) is.

  2. That really sucks, what are you chopped liver?????? I am bummed for you as well.