Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Herding Dogs, Cats and....Roaches??

This is the blog post I've been trying to write all week but I've been busy and I've had little doggie paws, courtesy of Sunshine, all over my laptop every time I tried to sit down on the couch and write.

Let me just start by saying...George isn't happy...he's been monitoring our house guests from the safety of my new bed all week. But aside from a few hair raising hisses he's been pretty cordial.

We've been doggie sitting all week for my friend Diana aka Sunshine's owner and for Joe aka Katie the shop dogs owner.

Sunshine is an adorable little pomeranian who demands my attention, hence the little paws on my laptop. She reminds me a lot of my little yorkie Bella who was lost when I moved into my current apartment a year and a half ago.

Sunshine is fantastic in the art of begging for food and doesn't like her picture taken. However I was able to snap this pic because I was holding a french fry in my hand and she was looking up at me ;) She was very attentive at the time. Right now she is bounding around the kitchen and barking at me because I'm on the computer instead of petting princess and such an attention whore.

Our other guest Katie is a fox red lab that looks a lot like my other former dog Puma. Katie is a big lover who is extremely well behaved and loves to give kisses.

She's also a great watch dog, barking at everything that approaches the front door - including me. Good girl Katie. She also hunted and killed a very large cockroach her first night here at the house - very good girl.

Roaches, unfortunately, make a sporadic appearance in my apartment in the summer no matter how many times I have the exterminator out. I live in an old pier and beam house so it kind of comes with the territory. Katie just did what my cat refuses to do...attack!! Get em'!! Kill!!

George just watches while I grab the raid and put the nasty buggers out of their misery before tossing their poisoned carcass in the trash all the while meowing for food. I think we know who runs the house right??

So all week I've been "monitoring" the peace process and I'm happy to report that yes there has been a truce formed in my house. Although the Roach didn't make it - it was a suicide mission after all.

Its been a little weird having the responsibility of a dog(s) again. I've been making my regular glamorous appearances in the neighborhood early in the morning complete with bathrobe and poop bag - Sexy! I've been emailing Diana letters penned from Sunshine (I know. I'm a dork) I've found myself staying home so that I can be with the "kiddos."

Not having a dog for a year and a half makes me realize again how much of a responsibility it is having to come home to walk, feed and nurture your little furry family members. I have such a busy life and its a habit I had gotten out of just having a cat who's very independent and only requires me to feed him twice a day and scoop the box (I hate scooping the box)

There are times I wish I had a dog again and then there are times I am glad I get to live vicariously through my friends and one more time just be Auntie Nat the BEST doggie sitter ever!!

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  1. Sunshine is worse now...only wants french fries and midnight walks...listens to Gotta git dat boom-boom-boom.