Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cluck, Cluck

Yesterday was National Fried Chicken day and not being one to not celebrate I rounded up a group of friends to partake in the crispy goodness that has become a staple in the south.

But on this holy of holidays not any KFC, Popeyes or Churches would do...we needed good ol' home cooking to really do this particular poultry day justice.

We, meaning Debra, Danny and his younger brother Anthony, originally intended to head over to Mr. & Mrs. G's on the Eastside but it turned out my favorite soul food joint was closed for an extended 4th of July vacation....oh the horror and on National Fried Chicken Day!

So our fearless foursome hit up the next best place we knew of...Chatmans.
It wasn't quite M&M G's...but it was good!

A mixed twelve piece, large fries, basket of corn niblets, a small side of macaroni & cheese and some soda later...we all held up our wings in salute of National FCD....this full stomach is for you oh crispy, non-flying fowl...thank you for all that you do.

I hit the gym extra hard today.


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