Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On a whole I think I live a pretty blessed life. But I do enjoy some pretty great perks. Did I mention that my roommate Tori works at Starbucks?

Yes, in addition to being my best friend - she faithfully brings home a pound of my favorite SBucks coffee every other week - sweet! She also works at a location that is surprisingly close to the occasionally a co-worker will drop by to pick up a drink on their way to KENS and she add's a Venti, sugar free, vanilla latte with 2% milk to their order just for me :)

However there are perks to being my friend too! Like having another person who wakes up at the ungodly hour of "You get up when?" and I always know when its National Strawberry Ice Cream Sundae Day.

Yeah life is good.


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  1. You are gorgeous

    Ima woai news viewer and just saw you for the 1st Time 9/1/11
    Can I take you to dinner sometime