Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Say What??

Every day things are said on air, off air, in the newsroom and stuff just happens in the studio that cracks me up or strikes me as powerful. I always tell myself I need to write that down or tweet it or something but usually I get distracted.

Here's a few of the latest witty comments that have made my day...hopefully they'll make yours a little brighter too

From a floor crew member: I'm so broke I can't even pay attention

When I asked a photographer about the bible in his car: Me: Is that in case you need some extra reinforcements? Him: It's my shield and my sword.

Some Brandon Roddy song remixes:

Sung to "Here I go again" by Whitesnake: Here I go again on my phone, texting everyone I've ever known...

Sung to Toadies "Possum Kingdom": Do you want some fries, chili cheese fries...

A news parody of "Beat it" by the King of Pop: The prompter may be wrong and you know that you're right but just read it, read it, read it, just read it, read it --ooo

That's just a few of the many songs I've heard Roddy bust out that I can remember but they're always perfectly timed.

We've also come up with swear word alternatives like Flock you and Fluff you - all inside jokes based on news stories that have struck us as hilarious at 4:30 am.

I have to admit we get a little wacky in the studio on the morning shift. Us early birds are a strange bunch with a strange sense of humor. And when we occasionally get let out of our cages aka the cold studio we don't always interact well in public.

There's a reason Paul's nickname is the Chango de Clima...he is a wild animal. Just kidding. You don't need to hide your children. He really is a very talented meterologist who enjoys embarassing himself via the Friday dance.

Some other secrets...Fred sings when we're not on air. He actually has an amazing voice and a wicked sense of humor. Sarah Forgany also has an amazing voice and a lot of passion for the show. She strives for excellence every morning. She's also a very tall 5'3" :)

So what about others in the KENS 5 newsroom? Stacia Willson...wow what a sense of style...I'd love to have half of her wardrobe. Joe Conger shares a cubie wall with me - he's an amazing still photographer and father in addition to being our veteran Chupacabra hunter.

Christopher Heath is such a proud father - I love seeing pics of his new son on his iPad. Barry Davis is probably one of the people I have known the longest here in San Antonio. I've been friends with him since December of 2005 - he's one of my mentors and I always seek his opinion with my writing. When anchoring I always ask "How would Barry write this?"

Marvin is the cool cat with an understated sense of humor and when I was a field reporter, I used to wish I had even half the contacts he had. Noelle has a passion for rescue dogs and has taken several into her home. James Munoz is a published author, Karen Grace - an adjunct professor at OLLU and Wendy Rigby has been given just about every award in the book for her medical reporting.

A few others...Brian New, Sarah Lucero and Jeff Vaughn are all expecting additions to their family later this year. Deborah Knapp and Bridget Smith are two of the classiest women I have ever met. Bridget also didn't have a FB until a week or so ago and she's considering writing a book about relationships. Eileen Teeves is a spin instructor and a marathon runner.

There are so many others who work behind the scenes that I haven't mentioned and really, I could go on and on about the family I spend 8-12 hours a day with. But mostly I am just grateful for the comic relief, love and emotional support they supply me with.

So this is dedicated to the "Peasant Floor Crewians" who make my world go round...thank you for everything.

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  1. I always knew the morning crew was a very talented and cohesive group of professionals. It's very obvious when comparing the competition( except maybe Fox). Congrats to a bunch of talented people