Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Call of the Bonham Exchange

So I was on my way home from an amazing date all day date that included a super cool Harley ride to Medina Lake and a stop at this fantastic burger joint called the Dancing Bear - great burgers, cool, mellow atmosphere and even a few games of pool. 

It was the perfect day to ride, not to hot, not to windy, just right. That was followed up by a nap, and then a bar-b-que with chicken, fajita meat and sausage, and home made beans. Needless to say I was stuffed and satisfied and perfectly content to go home and sack out. But as I drove home I got the itch. The Bonham was calling me.

Maybe it was the Rockstar I was drinking? Maybe it was the Justin Timberlake I was listening to? Maybe it was the free admit tickets calling to me from my wallet? It was probably a combination of all three but I did the only thing I could think of on a Saturday night...I called my best friend Starkey. He is one of the few straight men I know of who 1) can dance great and 2) I trust to dance with me. 

And I say this because honestly, most men you meet in clubs or who approach you on the dance floor can't dance and are only concerned with climbing up all over you or rubbing themselves all over you. Me, I'm not one for strange people getting all up on me. Fortunately I have two great men in my life right now who can dance, Starkey is one of them, the man I'm dating is the other, and for that I am truly grateful because I love to dance in fact it is a passion of mine.  But back to the Bonham.

The Bonham Exchange is really the hottest place to go on a Saturday night right now. For years its been the number one gay club in town but since 94.1 started spinning live from the club every Saturday the mix is closer to 50/50 gay-straight. In fact in the past month I've seen more straight people there than I've seen gay people. And its nice to see both crowds mixing.

I love going there because Lee, the general manager, runs a tight ship. There are no fights, no B/S, no problems and it's all ages. It's not pretentious, it never takes more than a few minutes to get in the door and I don't feel like I'm walking into a meat market. The club has three dance floors, a lounge, a $2 coat check and huge outdoor patio that most people don't even know about. 

I spend most of my time on the main dance floor thats downstairs. It's large enough to hold about 150 grooving bodies and has two stages. I love the fact Horace, the bartender at the back bar just off that dance floor hustles, always has my RedBull ready and a smile on his face. Jason, the chef at the taco bar on the patio, will strike up a conversation with you or anyone at the drop of a hat. He also gives great hugs.

Perhaps the best thing I have noticed about the Bonham Exchange is their service - always friendly, always accommodating. Its sweetie this, darling that, always willing to go the extra mile. From the door staff to the ID checkers to the man taking your coat - its service with a smile, something you don't often see at your typical clubs. It's what keeps me coming back week after week. Well that and the fact that I love to dance. And let me just say that tonight Starkey and I cut quite a rug ;) 

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