Saturday, March 14, 2009

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Night Out!

So what started out as a night going home to do my roommates hair turned into a 4:30 am never-even-made-it-home-to-do-her-hair extravaganza of fun. Now I am not normally a 4:30 am kind of gal and I knew I had to take my car in for service this morning and I didn't plan on staying out late at all it just kind of happened...all great stories start like this right.  It began with a text message from one of my best friends Starkey

Him: What u doing tonight?

Me: getting my hair done (yes I was getting my hair done too)

Him: I'm at the lion and rose (on Broadway)

Me: I'll try and stop by after

So after leaving Rita's house - she's the best damn colorist I know of - I called my roommate to see if she still wanted me to do her hair and we decided that we would do it Saturday instead. That was my ticket to funsville.

The Lion and Rose: stop 1: was in full swing by the time I got there but after a few drinks I suggested to everyone we head over to the Museo Alameda to check out the new Phantom exhibit. The Museo was staying open late and having a DJ, drinks and dancing to commemorate the event - just our type of party. So we piled in the civic and headed out.

The Museo: stop 2: was Awesome, the Director Eliseo was the most gracious of hosts and knows how to throw a hell of a party. Not only was the art incredible but the DJ was fantastic. In no time we got the dance floor jumping; grooving to Spanish versions of Material Girl and Ice, Ice Baby. If you've never heard either of those songs en espanol you're in for a treat.

At midnight it was time to head over to the Unicorn Club on San Pedro: stop 3: the official after party of the Museo Alameda's Phantom Exhibit. Its the cool, little dive bar/club that you would practically drive by if you didn't know where it was, and we didn't before last night. Its small, has two stages with poles you can dance on (yes I indulged once or twice) and even a cage you can dance in if you're brave enough (I wasn't.) 

When we first got there it was 80's music and everyone was dancing to Madonna and dressed the part - totally cool. By the time the Museo crowd showed up the DJ from the exhibit also came along and spun more latin music including Spanish covers of pop songs like Tainted Love - way too much fun. Not to mention that Starkey and Richard battled in a dork dance off that consisted of lawn mowing, sandwich making, bowl stirring and more (you had to be there but believe me it was hilarious.) 

By 2:30 we were hot, sweaty and I personally was ready to go home but my friends had other ideas. Some of my former co-workers from WOAI Channel 4 were having a small house party down the street and they wanted to stop by. Since I was the DD - designated driver - I indulged thinking we'd just stop by or I'd just drop them off. But oh no when we got there there was a big party in full swing.

Micah's house: stop 4: man I feel sorry for the little old lady who lives next door. For two hours the party, and I mean me, raged as we danced, laughed, caught up, visited, met new people - like Richard who plays in a band that's performing tonight in Austin at one of the SXSW parties. You Go Richard!! - and smoked way too many cigarettes. 

By the time Starkey finally rounded up what was left of the troops and I mean our friend Richard (no relation to the band boy Richard) I knew I'd be hurting this morning when it was time to take my car in for service. But hey you only live once right? I had seen and experienced more in one evening than I had in an entire month it seemed like. 

1) I took Richard to an art museum - something he said he normally wouldn't do. 
2) I saw old work friends I hadn't seen in a year or more. 
3) I danced my tush off - something I love to with a passion
4) I laughed so hard my sides hurt
5) I seized the day


  1. Too much FUN! Just a note: The third stop waqs actually called The Wax Lounge. :P