Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unmarried at 32 ~ What's wrong with you?

That's the question I get A LOT when people find out I'm 32 and my stats are: 

Ex-husbands - 0
Children - 0

And the immediate thing I want to fire back is "you're exactly the reason I'm not married." As if I'm supposed to just get married to SOMEONE, ANYONE for the sake of getting married because if I'm not married by the time I'm 32 I belong on the damaged shelf.

I actually had someone tell me it was better for me to be married and divorced than to have never been married by the time I hit 30. REALLY...I'll take that into consideration....RIGHT. It floors me sometimes the things people say when they're trying to hit on you.

Well let me just say this...I'm not just going to run off to Vegas and get hitched to some sap I met in a bar or settle down with someone I've only known a few months to just cross that societal norm off my list. In fact I may be one of the few women who is content to date and enjoy the relationships I'm in for what they and for free and exciting and intelligent and genuine.

In my 32 years on this planet, I've seen and known far too many ring chasers ruin every relationship they've ever been in because they're so transfixed with their 5-year plan and "where is this going" and "I've got to have kids by the time I'm 30" and so on and so on

Now I should note that I have nothing against marriage and children. I think it's a fine path for many to take however because of my own choices of pursuing a career in broadcasting that required moving about the country for 8 years, I never really found that special someone who was either willing to move with me or who I wanted to have move with me.  I also come from a long line of divorces in my family so I know marriage isn't something to be taken lightly and to be rushed into so I'm not.

So while some are worrying about their biological clocks and the future, I'm making the most of my time on this planet and seizing the day. I'm enjoying my life in the right here and right now, without a ring and without a care in the world. 


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! If your first post is any judge, you'll be great.

    And don't worry about all those people who think there's only one "right" way to live our lives. How boring would THAT be, if we all did the exact same thing as each other? Being, as you say, "without a care in the world," sounds pretty good right about now. :)

  2. Well written...
    Remember it was Sylvia Plath who said, "kiss me and you will see how important I am"

  3. You're too damn opinionated! Lol. Jk

  4. Biological clock or no biological clock you're doing the right thing for you. Tell anyone who thinks otherwise that they can come talk to me.


  5. I appreciate your optiism, however I feel so lost and alone sometimes. I know I should have to be with someone for completion, its more the company. I havent' had a relationship in almost 8 years and just feel like its me.

  6. Well said! I'm in the exact same boat. You should read the book "Single State of the Union"-it is a fantastic read for the single gals!

  7. Ummm well you marry me for weekend...LOL