Friday, March 13, 2009

Spurs Lose But I Won

So I went to the Spurs game last night and it broke my heart to see our boys lose to the Lakers. That kills me for several reasons 1 - being originally from SoCal and a reformed Lakers fan I'm now a die hard Spurs fan but EVERYONE in my family is still a die hard Lakers fan. Needless to say the ribbing I take and give during these match ups is brutal. 2 - anytime our boys lose it breaks my heart - especially when its to the Lakers >:(
But as I said I still won and here's why...I love the coyote and I usually get no love in return. Most games he just shuns me and pays no attention to me but last night was different. Its probably because I was sitting with Trish Deberry-Mejia, who's running for Mayor of San Antonio. The Coyote is a big fan of hers. But since he wanted to meet her and take a picture with her, he had to say hello to me too. So he did. He even gave me a kiss!! And a hi five later on in the game!!

Even though my boys lost it was a winning game for me last night - I'm a sucker for the little things in life. I slept so soundly with my little coyote doll last night just like I do every night. I'm such a dork.

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