Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Bonham vs PolyEsters aka Acapulco Sam's

Its been a while since I last posted but its not like I haven't been going out...I have been. In fact last weekend I even tried to stray away from my signature Saturday night hangout, the Bonham. Big Mistake. 

It all started with my friend Diana, super cool chick who's my latest dance partner in crime. She heard I've been going out dancing every Saturday and wanted a piece of the action. 

Let me tell you about Diana: she's a super successful real estate agent with a zest for life, an amazingly awesome positive attitude and works out like a fiend. I am so jealous of her six pack stomach and buff arms. She does these Zoomba classes at the gym which make her perfect for keeping up with me on the dance floor. 

So we made plans to meet up at my house last Saturday night and head out to the Bonham for a night of dancing, she was a Bonham virgin. 

Lee, the manger, was super cool. He even bought us a couple of red bulls to get our dance engines going. And Diana got a kick out of watching the "man meat" dance on the poles in the upstairs bar. But around midnight she wanted to check out PolyEsters since she'd never been there either.  So we decided to walk over to the "other place."

Now I've been to PolyEsters before a few years ago and I even went recently about two months ago with a couple of girlfriends and it was a bad experience. It was hot, cramped, the cement floor made my feet hurt and I ended up in a conversation with these two racist jerks from Maine who couldn't stand gays and mexicans. I guess they didn't realize that the friend I was with was gay and that I was hispanic. Again very few people realize I am hispanic. They also barred us from the third floor because apparently one of my friends didn't meet the "dress code." Did I mention the drunk girl from the bachlorette party doing the worm with a large inflatable penis? It was an interesting night to say the least. 

But I figured this was Diana's night and hey dancing is dancing so what the hell PolyEsters it is or Acapulco Sam's or whatever it's called now. Let me just say...I hate paying cover...especially when its expensive. It cost us $10 each to get in the door. But we went in and hit the dance floor as best we could. And as I expected it was like trying to dance in a sardine tin. The funniest part was when the Cupid Shuffle song came on no one knew which way to go and everyone was bumping in to each other - mass chaos. Needless to say we didn't last long before we headed back to the Bonham. 

The best part was probably our walk back to the Bonham when we got to wave to the fire engine that passed by us. They blew the horn and waved back.

This Saturday there was not even any discussion of any club other than the Bonham - we hit it and hit it hard. We danced until our feet hurt and then some. There's nothing quite like coming home after a long night of dancing and collapsing into bed and thinking to yourself - Damn I had a great time...and yes...Damn I had a great time...I can't wait to do it again.


  1. cheesy joke alert:
    Al Gore called and is blaming you in part for global warming....cuz you're so hot... :^P just playing with you Natalie

  2. cheezy joke alert:
    Al Gore called....and is blaming you in part for global warming....cuz your so hot.... :^P.....just playing with you Natalie.