Sunday, April 26, 2009

Karaoke Fundraiser

Let me start by saying I don't karaoke. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind going along and watching people sing aka make fools of themselves but  I don't participate purely for that fact that I can't sing. And no I'm not being hard on myself I really can't sing. Ask anyone who's ever heard me. I can keep a tune for about two verses but then it all goes down hill. Yet I do like singing in the car or at home or at my desk. Its safe, its discrete, its not for public display. Its not doing permanent damage to anyones delicate ear drums.  However I must admit that sometimes I even shock myself as to how bad I am. That being said I don't karaoke. I've tried twice in my life, felt like a total ass twice and decided not to do it again. 

I have a philosophy - try everything at least once and if the first experience was bad try it once more and if it was bad a second time then you have a permanent excuse to abstain. Hence the reason for my adamant anti-karaoke stance. However today I went to a fundraiser and little did I know part of the event included a rogue karaoke nomination contest that you had to buy your way out of. Hmmm you can see where this is going right.

Now I thought I was pretty safe because I made it pretty clear to ALL my friend that I DON'T KARAOKE!! But I got a little cocky. I thought I would be funny and nominate my friend Tattoo Will to sing Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart for the bargain price of $2. And since he had blown all his money on nominating other people he didn't have the cash to beat the final bid of $7 to get out of it. 

Let me just set the scene - Will isn't a country fan. He's more of a heavy metal guy hence the Tattoo part of his nickname. His performance of Achy Breaky Heart was - epic!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was hard to hold the camera still as he paraded around shaking his tush and acting out the lyrics. 

Unfortunately I didn't count on him seeking revenge - even as I assured him that his performance was quite exceptional. He still nominated me for not one but TWO songs - Summer of 69' and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen...Doh!! I don't want to talk about my performance. I'll just say I'm glad there wasn't a huge audience to witness the embarrassment that was my screeching into the microphone. 

As for my is the video of Tattoo Will performing Achy Breaky Heart...enjoy ;)


  1. That was beautiful. Willie says Wow. Marshall says that was kind of weird and Carrie says thank you for getting this on film. We love you Natalie

  2. Quite possibly the most amusing thing I've witnessed this year! Gotta LUV it!