Monday, April 27, 2009

Cat's on Leashes

I have this cat. His name is George. Anyone who's ever met George knows he's a typical scaredy cat. He's literally afraid of his own shadow. So fast movements not necessarily in his direction, just generally in the house typically send him into a panic and a frenzy. And he's off and running. 

Now I should also explain that he's got lots of issues. He's also not really a boy cat. He's a she. But I didn't know that at the time I adopted the super cute kitten from the feral cat litter at the rescue cat shelter. I didn't know that until several years and several vets later that George is really a Georgia. But he or she doesn't really know the difference, I think, and its just easier to keep referring to him as George so I do. End of story on that issue. 

So one time when I was moving from Tucson to California I decided to give George some "fresh air" and put him on a leash in my brothers back yard. It was one of those 20' retractable leashes and I pulled it all the way out, so he'd have lots of room to roam, locked it in place and let him out of the carrier. What ensued looked something like this.

Needles to say George does not like to be put on a leash. And the cat "Pinky" in this particular video looks a lot like George which is why I felt so compelled to share this with you. Don't even get me started about the time I tried to brush his teeth with an old electric tooth brush. I still have claw marks in my arms and stomach. 

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  1. here's another video i found that is also pretty funny: