Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Viva Fiesta!

Its that time of year...FIESTA!!

10 glorious days of parties, parades, royalty and medals.

So far my medal count this year is pretty pathetic...I only have 8 but I consider them pretty good ones. 

My favorites is of course the coyote medal ;)

As for the parties, this past weekend I went to the Oyster Bake and Presidents reception. My fabulous date and I even got to meet the official mascots of the event Pearl and Shuckie. 

And yes that's me in a dress. For many people who know me it's not often you'll see me in a dress. I don't own many of them. But we had a great time. The weather at The Bake was perfect - not too hot and the rain was nowhere in sight. Although I skipped the oysters - I know practically a sin at The Bake - I did indulge in some roasted corn, chocolate covered strawberries, a paleta and a few bites off of a turkey leg. All in all Leo and I had a great time. We even got a nice blessing from the Rey Feo court as they left the reception.

Jumping ahead to Tuesday - the start of NIOSA, I was invited, via a very dear friend, to the Kings party. That was a fun event. Chit chatting with all the Fiesta Royalty and many other big names around town who were all as friendly as can be.  But alas the time grew late - not by NIOSA standards but by workweek standards and around 8:45 I was ready to call it quits. Besides my feet were killing me...thats what I get for wearing my 4 inch heels to NIOSA. Ahh the price I pay for fashion. 

The good news is the last night of NIOSA is Thursday and I have Friday off of work.


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