Monday, February 8, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - 10 - These Roots Grasp a New Soil

I was transplanting a few little plants tonight that my new neighbors had given me (Yes I can say that I have already made friends with my new neighbors) and I realized that the tender roots of these little plants aren't the only ones that will be grasping new soil. My own roots are now firmly planted here in San Antonio.

If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not I was going to make the Alamo City my home, it has been dispersed with the purchase of my very first home.

This past week and a half has been totally surreal for me. Even now as I sit on my couch, in my candlelit living room, writing this blog its hard for me to believe this house is really mine.

I have had so many amazing changes over the past year and a few months, and its all climaxed with the purchase of my little 3b/1ba home ;)

When I started my journey of self discovery in January of 2009 I was barely a shell of a person, just kind of drifting here and there not really sure who I was or where I belonged. I was scared, insecure and lost.

Today I know myself much better. I know that I am a confident, kind and loving person who knows what she wants out of life and goes after it. I am capable of achieving just about anything if I put my mind to it. Last year I wanted to have fun, travel and go dancing - a lot - and I did.

This year I want to be a little more grown up, buy a house and focus on my career - so I will. I am going to dig in deep, grasp that soil and bloom where I am planted - right here in San Antonio. God I love this city. So much opportunity and a chance to make a difference in so many lives. Bring it 2010 - Lets do it!

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