Monday, February 22, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #14 - Welcome to the Neighborhood

So I've decided to be neighborly and get out and meet my neighbors. Although I kind of new a few of my neighbors at my last place, I did live there for two years, I didn't know all my neighbors. But I figured since I bought this house I should get to know the neighbors.

So I started with cookies. Thats right I whipped up a few dozen of my famous peanut butter-hershey kiss cookies, loaded them on plates and started block walking in my Sunday finest.

My first house was my next door neighbors - the Rodriguez'. They are a super cool family of four who spent all Sunday working in the yard and chasing after their new little puppy Leo. Such an adorable dog!

Next I went across the street to Tom and Inja's house. They were the first people to come over and say hello on the day that I moved in. I remember Tom introduced his wife as Inja - like Ninja Turtle without the N.

Tonight I met Ruth - a sweet little old lady who's lived in her house for 50 years. She was funny, feisty and said she's not leaving her house till she dies hahahaha. She has a rottweiler and is all of 5 feet tall. I invited her to the housewarming party. I want her on my rockband challenge team lol.

I still haven't made all the rounds quite yet. Not everyone was home. But I'm hoping to finish all my cookie deliveries tomorrow night before it gets dark. One of my neighbors has a beware of dog sign and Ruth was telling me there was an "incident" with the dogs awhile back. I want to make sure I can see the exact location of these "puppies" before I go wandering into the yard.

They say good fences make good neighbors but I've always believed that a batch of cookies and a warm smile can seal the deal on a great friendship and so far I like the friends I'm making. Its good stuff.

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  1. I think that's awesome, Natalie...especially because these are the people you will be living with everyday. The little things matter the most. Sweet post. Good luck & congrats on your new home!