Monday, February 8, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #9 - Haunted House?

So the past week has been spent getting settled in my new house, putting stuff away, unpacking boxes and nesting in my new pad. I'm loving it. There is so much space I don't have nearly enough stuff to fill it and ironically not nearly enough closet space for all my clothes.

I've had contractors in and out of my home doing various odd jobs and installing my Uverse. Finally I think everything is done and if I never have to sweep up a pile of drywall dust or fiberglass insulation that's floated down from the attic opening it will be just fine with me. But here's the creepy thing...I think my house may be haunted!

Nick has told me a few times that he's been sitting on the couch and has heard sounds like the back door opening. And often times I'll walk into the kitchen and find some of the cupboards open. At first I thought maybe it was just my curious cat who was opening the cupboards because they were the lower ones that he can reach but now I'm not so sure. And here's why.

Last night we were all sitting on the couch watching the Superbowl and for no reason at all the dishwasher turned on - all by itself! Can we say Spooky!

So at this point it all seems concentrated in the kitchen. Which is fine with me because I'm not a big cook but still I do have to brew my coffee in there ;)

So I'm thinking its time to bring in the priest and have him bless my house. The dishwasher could have been a fluke thing. I could just have a very curious cat. Nick could be imagining things. But hey why not have my house blessed...just to be on the safe side.

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