Tuesday, February 9, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #11 - Henry & The Invisibles

So I was hanging out at the Gatsby for girls night last week and I saw this incredible one man phunk band named Henry and the Invisibles. And let me just tell you this guy rocked. Not only did he jam on the drums, keyboard and mic, he also played a regular ole' pot. That's right a pot that you would find in a kitchen.
Henry, it turns out, is originally from New York and recently relocated here to San Antonio brining all of his funkiness with him. You can catch him at Rebar on Broadway in Alamo Heights every Friday night and he also regularly treks up and down the I35 corridor to Austin and San Marcos spreading the jams to his loyal following.

I have become one of those loyal followers and plan to check him out this Friday night at Rebar.

You can follow him on twitter @henryinvisible or on Facebook at Henry + The Invisibles

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