Monday, March 22, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #18 - Dear Future Husband

So there was a trending topic today on Twitter that started with #dearfuturewife and some of the tweets were hilarious

@wayansjr: #dearfuturewife Yes, this gun is loaded. so, let's try and answer the "will u marry me" question right this time.

#DearFutureWife atleast play some video games with me once a week haha

#dearfuturewife if you cook pancakes like ihop you're MINES forever!

#DearFutureWife I'm now taking applications... A Credit check, STD test, & Autobiography will be needed to apply... #Okthanks

#Dearfuturewife do you know tiger woods?

Some other funny ones from a comedian that I follow on twitter @finessemitchell:

#dearfuturewife if u promise we will keep makin love, then I promise WE WILL BE JUST FINE! I GOT U MA! Go ahead,#buyBOTHpurses #sugadaddy

#dearfuturewife I want 3 kids... At LEAST! Know that before u say I DO! And it would b even nicer if u waz dey real Momma!#dontmakemedoit

#dearfuturewife Another headache 2nite? Really Bitch?...Really? I'll be back, I'm going 2 Umm, return a video to blockbuster #creepin

#dearfuturewife I would NEVER call u bitch. You are my QUEEN! But I would type it to my friends!

#dearfuturewife. I will DO WHATEVER u say! I promise!!! But U GOTTA DO WHTEVER I SAY FIRST!!! #ithinkthatsinthebible

#dearfuturewife. PLEASE LOVE PRO FOOTBALL! 4 me! PU-LEASE!!..................oh, and the cheerleaders! PU-LEASE!!!!

But after reading and laughing at all those tweets I started thinking about all the tweets I would send to my #dearfuturehusband. Here are a few of my nuggets of wisdom

#dearfuturehusband I don't cook, I barely clean and I don't want kids. If u DEMAND anything i'll probably tell u to go shove it-any takers?

#dearfuturehusband if u cant put the toilet seat down then u should be forced to go outside #learnfromthecatwhousesabox

#dearfuturehusband understand that i will always get the biggest closet and yes i really need all those pairs of black shoes kthanks

#dearfuturehusband i promise not to EVER drag you to a britney spears concert if you promise to never force me to listen to the Cure

#dearfuturehusband you can play with your friends, watch sports and bro-out just don't ever let me find you wearing my shoes

#dearfuturehusband understand that i am not a maid - we both get to clean the toilet and scrub the tub

#dearfuturehusband you are the official bug killer in the house - no matter what time of day or night #alergictobees

#dearfuturehusband i drink a lot of coffee and thus need flavored creamer and no milk n sugar wont do #imacoffeesnob

#dearfuturehusband yes u are bigger & stronger than me but if u ever lay a hand on me u will unleash a fury like no other

#dearfuturehusband i am fiercely loyal, will love you with all my heart & support you in all you do unless its immoral or unethical

#dearfuturehusband i look forward to a lifetime of love, laughter, challenges, triumphs and tears - lets enjoy this journey together

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