Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Bed - The Belated Tuesday Update

So I've been super busy this week and haven't had much of a chance to post this video I shot of the progress on the bed project. My bad. But here is the update...

When I got to Joe's house Tuesday night he had a bit of a family thing he had to take care of so he left me to my own devices in the workshop with a bunch of sand paper, some pain thinner and some primer...sounds like a recipe for disaster right??. But for the *hawh* (I blew on my knuckles and rubbed them on my shirt if you didn't pick up the reference) "expert" (and I say that sarcastically) that I have become in refinishing was cool. With Katy the shop dog to keep me out of trouble, this is how the bed is shaping up:

Shortly thereafter, Joe returned. And by that time, I had painted the other side of the head board, the flip side of the rails and footboard, and it was time to call it a night. But not before taking a few minutes to chat and enjoy the fruits of our labor...

Oh and pose with silly sunglasses...I'm such a dork ;)

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