Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Bed - Weekend 1

So this weekend I embarked on a HGTV style bed frame makeover. I started with this bed frame which turned out not to be an antique at all. My first clue was the made in China sticker on the bottom ;) My second clue were the A & B assembly stickers we discovered when we took the bed apart. biggie Joe and I can work with this and we did. With Katy our assistant carefully watching our progress.

The first thing we did was chop the foot board down to size. Joe is amazingly accurate with a table saw and in no time we had a much smaller foot board. He also cut the round trimming off the top of the footboard, figured a way to drill a few holes in it and affix it to the bottom piece so it looked like one solid piece. 

Turns out my dirty job isn't sanding, yet, first I have to do a lot of stripping. Of paint cochinos!! I have to strip the paint off of the legs and both sides of the head board. 

It took me half a day Saturday and most of the day Sunday to get all the gooey paint and stripper off the head board. That's when we realized after a few test spots on some of the extra foot board wood that the stain we had planned to use wouldn't take. The's not real wood. It's pressed board and doesn't stain right...hmmmm another setback. 

So that paint I just took off...we're going to pick a new color, sand the frame and paint it again ;) I start that portion of the project Tuesday.

The good news is Joe being super handy with the table saw figured out the problem with the square rails having to fit into round holes...We, or should I say he, just made new slots for the rails and secured them with bolts. We're making progress...stay tuned ;)

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