Monday, June 8, 2009

Flying the Couch

So I got sucked into Home and Garden Television this weekend. I know what you're thinking I need to get a life. But really I did other things this weekend. Honest...I did!

I did my normal Saturday night hit up the Bonham, dance my ass off 'till the wee hours of the morning only to come home exhausted and sack out. But during my down time I found myself kicking it on the couch turning the Dish to HGTV.

It could be because I've got houses on the brain and I'm searching for inspiration.  It could be because I'm genetically engineered to like the channel - its my mom's favorite one, especially any show that has to do with organization. It could also be because there was nothing else saved on my DVR but either way I kept flipping from my normal crime shows back to HGTV. I feel like @normalguyguide who is a HGTV junkie. 

Then last night, I had planned to go to bed early but instead got hooked on the HGTV $250k Challenge where several families in one neighborhood renovate their homes, one room at a time, to compete for the grand prize. An hour later I was on pins and needles waiting to see who was eliminated. I even set my DVR to record the next episode in case I forgot next Sunday. 

Wow...That didn't take long to get me hooked and I normally hate reality TV. Looks like I have a new guilty pleasure. 

So my next question is...what's it going to take to get one of the HGTV designers to come to my new place, when I buy it, bust out that table saw, some paint, a little TV magic and make my house a picture perfect home?

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  1. Oh I KNOW!!! What a clever idea for a show, huh? I hope it goes on season after season after season...