Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hanging with Chris and Jason

Can I just say this...I love Chris and Jason...the guys from 1250 The Zone. If ever a girl needs a quick pick me up ego wise or a little attention these two will give it to you. They are sooooo complimentary. 

The past few months they have been gracious enough to let me come on the show and chit chat with them. I have been able to join the cast of gorgeous ladies like Kim Fisher of WOAI, Trish Deberry-Mehia of GDC and a host of many other lovely Zone Girls who regularly make appearances on the show. They even invited me back for chick week next week.

They were even nice enough to make this video for me during their recent live shot at RioRio Cantina on the Riverwalk this past Friday.

BTW...the bed is finished and will be delivered on Sunday...stay tuned for the blog post ;)

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  1. Could you direct me to where guys can get ego boosts, please? :D