Thursday, January 7, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #4 - Living in the Grey

So I looked in the mirror today and shrieked! There it was! Staring at me just to the right of my eye brow in plain view to everyone - a grey hair! One long, grey hair inter-mixed among the brown just below the blonde. Right in front - like a good student! And then I sighed. Happy 33rd birthday to me. Welcome to the party. Glad you could make it. A little late but thanks for playing.

Now I should say that this is not my first grey hair. I've been spotting the little buggers since my early 20's but they usually like to hang out higher up on my part and kind of blend in with the other blonde highlights that are in my hair. Natural highlights as my hairdresser once called them. Evidence of a life of stress and too much fun I'm sure. But this one - this one - was way out of line coming down to the front of the hairline and casually sliding across my face like it belonged there with its other brown and blonde counterparts. And in that instant I felt old.

It's amazing how in seeing that one grey hair I started to notice all the fine lines under my eyes and then proceeded to pick myself apart. I'm sure the lovely fluorescent light in the ladies room didn't help my cause but I can't help but think of that country song "I'm much to young to feel this damn old."

Seriously most of the time I forget that I'm in my 30's and it's not until I'm reminded by a birthday or when I'm forced to pull out my ID that it's like "Oh yeah I'm 33."

I can still remember itching to get my drivers license at 16 or how I didn't think I would ever be 21 or when 25 seemed so old. And it floors me how fast the time, days, months, hell even years fly by. I remember Y2K!!

The scary part is I don't feel my age. I live by the philosophy you're only as old as you feel and most days I still feel and probably act 15. I have boundless energy, go out with my friends and have way too much fun. Really I wonder "Where did the last 15 years go??"

Yet, in all honesty, there are those mornings where I do sit up in bed, find myself feeling as if I'd been hit by a Mack-10 truck and think "I'm too old for this s**t." *sigh* I have an appointment with my hairdresser tomorrow.

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