Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100 Blog Challenge - #7 - Buying a House

I feel like a kid the night before Christmas or the night before I'm going to Disneyland right now. I'm closing on my very first home tomorrow ;) Yay me!!

I really can't believe this is happening for me. I have wanted this for so long and its finally happening. This week has gone by sooooooooooo slowly it's incredible. In fact the past 20 days of my closing has gone by so slowly.

I have been ready to buy a home the last nine months that I've been looking. This is, in fact, the 5th home I put an offer on...yeah count them 5. All the others just didn't work out. I guess God knew what he was doing because this one is just perfect for me.

So now its the moment of truth:

Twas the night before closing and all through my old place, George patiently purrs, a look of contentment on his soft furry face.

Boxes are packed, laundry is done, oh how I look forward to this weekends moving fun.

Utilities are transfered, mail has been re-routed, OMG is this happening! my mind raced and shouted.

I turn down the sheets and get ready for bed - tomorrow I will have my very own homestead.

I pace back and forth, "have I forgotten anything?" My Twhirl chimes with a familiar ring

'Good luck tomorrow' from all my tweeps, good luck time for some sleep!

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